Marcos Amaro`s Foundation Interview

Helô Alcantara Machado

The illusion of overlapping colors, the inspiration from natural elements and palettes experimentation create a unique and rare work. Helô Alcantara Machado´s palette is the result of precise and planned experiments, resulting in paintings whose view by another assists in the form. The artist was born in São Paulo, where she works, achieved a degree in Social Sciences from the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC), which helped in producing a different focus on the world. She studied at legendary schools in the world of art, as the Royal Drawing Society , the Inchbald School of Design (London), the Art Student’s League of New York, in a period of effervescence of Pop Art – and “Escola Brasil:” (Artistic Experimentation Center). The professional experience of the artist also comes from visitations to the ateliers of her colleagues, who also visited her, from discussions about art, and from a period of plastic arts in the 1980s, when artists came together to achieve their goals, to analyze and criticize each other. The chiaroscuro play worked by Helô produces the illusion of overlapping colors when in fact they are placed in a previously selected tone and fitted in a studied manner.The colors, as well as the outliness formed by the cosmos, are among the bases of what you see in the Helô Alcantara Machado´s canvas. As the artist says, “art is observation,” so that the discovering the view is importanting for her for the final result.Because of her works with metal engraving, especially with woodcuts, and her current time in life, coupled whit her entire artistic experiencie, her career became a result of the merger of discipline with freedom.The colors on the canvas are worked so as  to resemble a play of veils so as  to let the public dip into a unique palette. To Helô Alcantara Machado, art brings inner life, art heals and this inner life is present in her work.

Helo Alcantara Machado
Helô Alcantara Machado was born and lives in São Paulo

Royal Drawing Society Certificate with “honours”, London

* Inchbald School of Design, London

* Escola Brasil :, São Paulo

Art Student’s League, New York

* Social Science – PUC, São Paulo

* Drawing and painting – Carlos Fajardo´s Atelier, São Paulo

* Drawing ,painting and engraving – Dudi Maia Rosa´s Atelier, São Paulo

* Woodcut  – Luise Weiss, São Paulo

* Metal engraving – Marilu Beer´s Atelier, São Paulo 

* Drawing and painting  lessons at her own atelier – São Paulo